General rent conditions Vespa

General rent conditions Vespa
First of all, the person or people who rent the scooter are hereafter referred to as the “renter”.


General rent conditions Vespa, under threat of cancellation of insurance, the renter agrees to not allow other people than himself/herself or others who have been agreed to with STATION CARNOT, for whom the renter will be responsible in case of problems, to drive the scooter. The renter also agrees to not use the scooter for any purpose other than his personal use, to not use the scooter in any illicit activities, to not participate in any competitions or races, to not charge others for the use of the vehicle, to not transport an unsafe number of people and to not overload the scooter transporting more people than is indicated on the vehicle registration card.

2-PRICES General rent conditions Vespa

The price includes the rental of a helmet, an antitheft device, and insurance. The price must be paid before taking the vehicle and after signing the rental agreement and a statement about the state of the scooter. For the purposes of renting, one day is considered to extend from 8:30 AM to 7:30 PM. Returning the scooter late could incur penalties if more than 30 minutes late.

3-DEPOSITGeneral rent conditions Vespa

The renter must provide a deposit* by credit/debit card (the deposit will not be charged) after signing the contract. The renter will forfeit the deposit if the vehicle is damaged or not returned in the state in which he/she received it. A sum of 150 euros will be charged for the accessories (helmet, antitheft device, top case) if they are damaged, lost or stolen. If the renter returns the scooter and all accessories in perfect condition, with no need for replacement or repair, the deposit will be refunded immediately. * If the scooter is stolen, the deposit will be doubled and charged immediately.


During the rental period, the renter must regularly check the scooter’s safety features (brakes, tire pressure, lights) to ensure they are in good working order.

STATION CARNOT provides the renter with an attestation of insurance as well as a copy of the vehicle registration card when giving the scooter keys. The renter must present an identification card or a passport and a valid driver’s license in order to rent a scooter.

SINCE 1 JANUARY 2011 IN THE GENERAL RENT CONDITIONS VESPA A TRAINING COURSE IS COMPULSORY PRIOR TO DRIVING A 125CC. A recent government decree now obliges all drivers of a 125cc vehicle to take a practical training course of 7 hours. However, a person holding a B license who wishes to drive a light motorbike (125cc) is exempted from this training if he/she can demonstrate having used this type of vehicle during the five years prior to 1 January 2011. If you obtained a B license before 1 March 1980, you are also exempted from this training and you do not need to have been insured beforehand. N.B. – If your B license was obtained on or after 1 March 1980 and the box A1 or AL is stamped on your license (A1 or AL obtained by equivalence) you must take part in the training session; equivalence being no longer valid.


The scooter is provided in perfect running condition and cleanliness and must be returned in the same state. Any fee for cleaning/reconditioning will be paid by the renter. The tires are in good condition, without nicks or holes. In case of deterioration of one of the tires, for any reason other than normal wear and tear, the renter will be obligated to replace it with a tire of the same size, brand, and purpose.


The price of renting includes personal liability insurance (l’assurance responsabilité civile) and assistance in case of an accident or breakdown. The insurance provided does not cover repair costs incurred by misuse of the scooter, its theft or damage by fire or similarly.


The renter is FORBIDDEN to abandon the scooter. If it is physically impossible to return the scooter on the part of the renter, it will be his/her responsibility to retrieve it at his/her own expense. Renting continues until the vehicle is returned.

8- LIABILITYGeneral rent conditions of a Vehicle in Nice

The renter is the only person liable for any fines, fees and tickets. Furthermore, in case of theft of the scooter or damages which are the fault of the renter, he/she must compensate STATION CARNOT for the amount of the damage (the total cost of repair or the commercial value of the scooter), custodial fees, and processing fees. Until the end of the rental period, a sum equal to the cost of the deposit will be billed in case of damage. If the cost of repair is greater than this amount, a bill for the difference will be sent to the renter.


When creating the contract, the renter sets the dates and times of return with STATION CARNOT. Maybe any unauthorized extension will result in the latter canceling the insurance and possibly issuing a report to the police that the scooter has been stolen.

10- EARLY RETURN General rent conditions Vespa

The renter designated on the contract with STATION CARNOT cannot demand a refund or any other kind of financial compensation whatsoever in case of early return of the rented scooter.


In conclusion by mutual agreement between the renter and STATION CARNOT, in case of a dispute, it will be brought before the relevant local court, the Tribunal de Nice, and the plaintiff/claimant will be entirely responsible for all associated costs and fees.

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